Last Post of 2010

Hi Everyone! I hope all had a wonderful Christmas and is going to have an awesome night tonight to celebrate the New Year tomorrow. I really can not believe how fast this year has passed by. I have a few things to catch up on, haven't posted anything for a little over a week. So hear it goes:

I am a huge movie addict,  this month my movie buddy(brother) & I have seen Tron, Chronicles of Narnia; The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Little Fockers, & Tourist (Click titles to see Trailers). I give a two thumbs up for all the movies, except for Tourist (maybe because I not a Angelina Jolie fan, but that is just me).

Continuing on to MUSIC for this month, which not a playlist but more of whole albums. This months addictions are the following: Foals: Total Life Forever, Jr.: One, Jesse McCartney: Departure & Mumford & Sons: Sigh No More (Click tiles to give them a listen).

For Christmas this year I think the whole family cheated. In my family we celebrate Christmas Eve & Day. On Christmas Eve we all have dinner together and play games/talk while we wait till midnight to open gifts, but will ended up some how opening them way before 12. I got these awesome earring from my sister & future brother-in-law(The Future Holtkamp's). 

My brother got me "I am Number Four (Lorien Legacies)" book by: Pittacus Lore, which I got before Christmas & I read 4 days. Oh and Despicable Me (the cutest movie of 2010 I have to say).
My parents who I love dearly bought me the new iPhone 32GB got part of my birthday & part Christmas because it was a bit pricey. I also got to keep Todd as the rest of the half of my Christmas, which I was a happy camper. Then they got me this cute sock monkey so I could have something to open at midnight. I love my parents.

New Years Resolution

I've been thinking about this for a while now and I have come up blank. Why is it so difficult??  What are some your New Years Resolutions?

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holtkampw said...

Mine is to take my company to the next level! Yours should be definitely something related to putting your crafts on etsy.