Fresh New Start

Sometimes a fresh new start is needed when we want a bit of change. I get that feeling a few times a year. These changes go from small to big. Sometimes I can get my fix by cutting or dying my hair, but sometimes I'll change something here and there at home. I've been searching "Home"  stuff on Pinterest lately and found so many DIY ideas, and colors of paint that I fell in love with. Thinking of all these ideas to work on for my summer break! Here a few links to help with finding the perfect change for you:

First stop furniture:
Furniture.com is a great place to search for new pieces of furniture if you are looking for a bit of change in that way. They provide a one-stop-shopping experience for furniture. For those that are on a budget and looking to save they have a handy search tool for local sales in your area. They offer furniture for living room space to mattresses. Literally a one-stop-shopping experience. Looking for more tips for the home check out their Tips and Trends section.

Here are a few items that I loved:


Hexagonal Shape Self-Adhesive Mirror Stickers 12PCS for $9.99. Love the ceiling!

3D Self-Adhesive Wall Stickers OMG! Fake brick looking wall, pretty cool! Only $31.76 and in different colors too. Link below...


Spring Forward into a New Season

(edited on Polarr Photo Editor)
Happy 1st Day of Spring everyone!! Sadly my first day back at school from Spring Break, I say since it is technically spring time now that teachers and students should of been given two weeks off. I am sure there are other teachers out there that would agree with me. Anyways back to reality from my wishful thinking, I want to rave about a vitamin I started a couple months back called, " Ritual".
I want to say I came across it through an ad on Facebook, I clicked the link and read all about it. I am on my 3rd bottle and I feel amazing! I've tried so many other vitamins for women and I've reacted badly to all of them. They either have too much of some nutrients I do not need or I am missing nutrients that the vitamin doesn't provide. I loved how Ritual explains the vitamin and it was very easy to understand what the benefits were. I told myself I wouldn't know if my body would have a positive reaction to it if I didn't try it. It is a month by month subscription that is only $30 a month. It comes every month in this cute yellow box and a daily calendar to track it daily. It truly turns into a daily ritual! Love the costumer service. I received an email during my 1st month of taking the vitamin, asking personally how I was feeling. I also recently emailed them asking a question and received a response about an hour later, I say that is a pretty fast response that you usually don't get anywhere else. I recommend at least checking out the site and reading for yourself. Even if you are already taking a different vitamin it is at least worth a read!