Kodak Project/The Spinto Band

Way back when I went to an Estate Sale and stumbled across a Kodak Duaflex II Camera, that I thought was an awesome purchase since it was about $5 bucks. It turns out it costs way more to fix so one day I just took my brothers Nikon D40 and just started taking photos through the Kodak. 

For the longest I had the idea to make it into a project so when my family 
and I went on our Easter Galveston trip 
I took my first step. You can check more out on my flickr 
or on the tab listed above called, "Kodak Project".
of course here is some MUSIC!
I introduce you to 
These guys I've been listening to a couple years now and
 I can listen to there music over and over again.
Love there Animated Music Videos.
"Oh Mandy" one of my favorite songs.
My mother bought me a Garden Gnome just because of this song!
Take a listen & enjoy!

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