Weekend Bits

First Day of School
Luckily it was an early class
& the heat wasn't too bad.
New Favorite Nail Polish
Want this Yoda Nutcracker from Hobby Lobby.
Still don't understand why every year Christmas
decorations come out before all the other holidays pass.
Finally went to the Flea Market this past Sunday w/the family.
Saw this poster for Star Wars, regret not asking
how much.
This is what I wore to work today.
New Favorite $12.00 skirt w/pockets
 (a must when I buy any skirt or dress)
I hope everyone had a great weekend, stayed cool. 
This Houston summer weather has been unbearable this year.


Sony said...

You should have asked how much the Star Wars poster was! Love the Yoda Nutcracker. I still have my original Star Wars bed comforter from when I was a kid! Star Wars is best movie ever! Love it!!!!

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