Dia de los Muertos

Feliz Dia de los Muertos
This day is celebrated throughout the world in varying forms,
 but in particular in Mexico and Central and Latin America, 
Dia de los Muertos is a time of reflection when families come 
together to celebrate rather than mourn their dead, praying
 for and remembering those who have passed. It is traditionally 
taken place during November 1st and 2nd, has its roots in the 
Aztec festival dedicated to the goddess Mictecacihautl who was 
Queen of Mictlan, the underworld, and the ruler of the after-life.
 She is also know as ‘La Muerte’ - Death.
Here is a  short video of a Dia de los Muertos Parade:
This past Sunday my family and I attended Houston's
Dia de los Muertos Festival at MECA 
Here are some photos:


Kara said...

Any idea who made the paper mache skeletons? My former high school makes those every year, and is a fabulous tradition! And I believe MECA is located very close to IWA??

Rebecca.O said...

Yeah it is off of Washington. No idea who made the giant skulls, but I would to make one.