It's A Blue-Eyed Universe...

Today is a 2 in 1 Blog Post.
Blog Loving & Music Thursday all in one!
Starting off with music the portion
I like to introduce:
Loving there sound, 
especially there "Blue-Eyed Universe" track.
Check it out:
Also a fan of there "Pain of Desire" track which is FREE here!
Now on to the Blog Loving:
A blog by Hum: who is the guitarist for Fictionist 
& Hue: Hum's lovely artistic wife.
A.K.A. Caitlin and Robbie Connolly.
Love this blog, because it was so much creativity. 
Hue's paintings are just amazing.
This one is my favorite in her shop right now:
Here are a few of my favorite crafty things by Hue & Hum:

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alex said...

I've seen their blog! it is lovely and so so creative! Love that song(:!