Felt Owl Ornament by Stelabird

Found this awesome blog post by Stelabird the 
other day for a DIY Felt Owl Ornament
I told myself since I have one more final to go 
I have to get back into my crafting ways, because it has been too
 long, so I gave it a try and here is how it turned out :
Loving the end result!
 I made a few changes though:
- added different buttons for the eyes,
- left out the belly part so it would just be the face and
- used embroidery floss thread instead of regular sewing thread.
For some more awesome DIY Projects check out
  Stelabird for some ideas and inspiration!


Anonymous said...

aw, adorable! good job rebecca! :)

Rebecca.O said...

Thanks, I'm very happy with how it turned out!