Saturday Craft Day

Hello everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but much as been happening
these days. Helping The Holtkamp's move into there first home, getting ready for this
weekends MS 150 bike ride from Houston to Austin, Easter, birthday celebrations and so on,
but I am happy to say BHYL is ready to start up blogging again, so here we go:
This past Saturday, I hosted The Crafty Houstonistas craft day rather
than our usual 2nd Thursday of the month, because of some not being
able to attend on Thursday. I was very excited about the craft I was going to 
show everyone, becuase I've been seeing them everywhere on Etsy & I really wanted a pair.
It is a very easy and quick craft, not a lot of supplies needed or craft skills, for the ones not so crafty.
I stumbled across the idea from Dismount Creative, click HERE for DIY Instructions!

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