Cold War Kids/Final Four Weekend

Last Thursday I was able to see COLD WAR KIDS, which was awesome at Warehouse Live. For some reason I always meet the very talkative people, it's like I have a sign that says, "Please tell me all your business", but some say  it's because I look approachable than again some say I look mean so I'm 50/50 on this situation. Anyways thanks stranger guy that wasn't letting anyone taller than me get in front of me (which was everyone).

(at 0:24 you can see the couple infront of me getting down & at 1:19 & maybe throughout the whole video. I was just glad they weren't all on me)

It was also 2011 Final Four Weekend in Houston. I am not a very big fan of Basketball, but I thank it for bringing 3 Days of FREE Concerts at Discovery Green. Sublime with Rome on Friday, Kings of Leon (NoL) on Saturday and Kenny Chesney on Sunday. I was not missing out especially since it was FREE, so I went to see Sublime with Rome and NoL (not a very big Country music fan).


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