I Heart Thursdays

I love Thursdays, well now that I don't have to go to work. I get to wake up later, which doesn't happen, because my body has its own alarm clock, ride my bike around the neighborhood in the morning, and have a nice lunch with my friend Caitlin before class, which we are going to make into a habit every Thursday at a new place for the rest of the semester. So far we have gone to Niko Niko's at the Market Square and Frank's Pizza on Travis and today we went to Treebeards also on Travis, had a delicious bowl of Seafood Gumbo that I highly recommend.

Now on to the MUSIC! After last Thursday's Cold War Kids show I've been listening to there latest album, "Mine is Yours", very different from there old stuff, but I really like it, give it a listen on there Myspace
I also found this awesome Tumblr called hrrrthrrr. She made a Playlist of songs she loved, which you can also download HERE. She had "Plenty is Never Enough", a cover by The Shins originally by Tenement Halls, which I am addicted to at the moment.  

(recommend these albums give them a listen)

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