I've been addicted to watching Doctor Who for the past 2 months,
(my family really doesn't approve of this recent addiction) 
so I blame it on Netflix for making it an instant watch.
Anyways the other night the episode was on Vincent Van Gogh & it
reminded me of when I went to see the
 Exhibit @MFAH this past February.
I really wished I had gone back another
time before it closed.
I really can not put it into words how
it was, because it was way beyond awesome.
If you had the chance to see it you
know exactly what I am talking about.
{picture taken right before it was took down at the Galleria}
There really was no point to the of post besides that
 Doctor Who reminded me of the Exhibit, 
& that Van Gogh is just awesome
but who doesn't know that already!
Anyways I will leave you with
The Greatest Man That Ever Lived!

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