Your Turntable's Not Dead

For a while now I've been addicted to listening to nothing but vinyls when I'm at home.
Above is the Turntable I currently have.
I really do prefer vinyls over listening to CD's, the Radio, 
and my iPod. If only I could carry it around, but I know it 
will a bit difficult to take it everywhere with me, especially when I go 
running so I guess only while I'm in my room will have to do.
I have a small collection going thanks to my dad and 
I've purchased a few of my own to add to it.
A couple weeks back I finally went to Cactus Music
to use my coupon & found exactly what I wanted.
Also this past Sunday I stop by Waterloo Records while I was in Austin,
bought Weezer's Red Album 
Weezer non-stop lately.
"You take your car to work, 
I'll take my board...."
-Surf Wax America

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