FPSF 2011

Saturday, June 4th.
Fun in the Sun 
or maybe I should say,
Fun in the Heat!
Around the same time last year I went on a cruise 
& I was not able to go to Free Press Summer Fest last year,
and I have no clue why I didn't go to the one the time before that. 
But I finally went this year &
it was one awesome 
weekend of music.

12:45 pm

1:30 pm 

2:15 pm

3:00 pm

@Barnaby's Cafe

6:00 pm

6:55 pm

8:30 pm
Sunday, June 5th.
I wasn't going to miss anything.
Thanks to these guys they sure were troopers on day 2.
So cute mother & daughter wearing the same 
The Ramons t-shirt so they wouldn't get lost.
11:05 am

12:00 pm
The Electric Primadonnas

Got this awesome screen printed t-shirt from Wealthy Earth.

1:40 pm
American Fangs

3:45 pm

5:15 pm

6:15 pm

7:00 pm

8:30 pm
FPSF=one great weekend of music!

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