California Roll Tour

I was very privileged to have had the chance to attend Robert Schwartzman's California Roll Tour a couple of weeks ago. My sister and I have been Rooney fans for a long time and I've been a follower of his other side projects like JR. A couple of months back my sister found out that he sadly was not coming to Houston, but to Austin. We tried winning tickets and no luck, but that Thursday before he announced he was coming to Houston I received a message to go to a last minute added stop to Houston and my sister and I were two lucky girls that got tickets. His California Roll Tour is literally a Roll Tour! Robert Schwartzman purchased a bus and is driving around the United States giving an amazing acoustic show! This is something that I've never heard a musician going before. It was an amazing experience! It was about 11-12 people on the bus, he played requested songs, had a Q/A session, listened to a few new songs off his new album coming out next year, and just hung out with him, it was very calm and relaxing, which beats a concert at a venue with tons of people. He still has a few stops to make, so if you are near one of them I highly recommend getting tickets!

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