Buy A Pair, Change A Life

As an educator myself I am always for helping programs/organizations dealing with education and helping kids better themselves. I know its been awhile since my last post, but I am hoping with this I can get back on track with my little blog. With that said lets get back to FLEEPS! 

Not only are they a unique style of sandal, but also a great cause to help contribute to. I've ordered my pair already!

Check out their story...

We provide people worldwide with uniquely designed sandals that will change the course of poverty through education.
FLEEPS is helping females flourish everywhere. We make uniquely designed sandals that are classic, versatile, fun and allow women to step into their best self. Every time a pair is purchased, a contribution is made to the FLEEPS Foundation. From here, funds are evenly distributed to our partner organizations who work to provide education and opportunities for young girls– our next generation of women.

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