A little over 2 weeks ago I visited the Dominican Republic for an entire week (a whole 7 days!!). It was a much needed vacation to take with such a hectic first year as a teacher, which I loved, but still a much needed vacation.

If some are inquiring about my choice of title, "Mamajuana", I chose it for a reason. Mamajuana is a drink that is very popular in the DR. The Dominicans say that it is their aphrodisiac. Personally I am not a big drinker (which really means I really don't drink), but I still wanted to see what the big fuss was about so I took a sip. It was not my cup of tea, but if you visit the DR I would recommend trying it.

As far as the trip I had a blast! Soaking up lots of sun and spending time with great family and friends which always makes a trip even more wonderful. Here a few photos of the adventures I had in the DR...

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