Goodbye 2016 and Hello 2017 (another 365 days in the books)


I have to say this 2016 was one great year! Yes, we have our ups and downs in life and decisions we should of thought twice about, but no regrets. We learn from it and move on. I attended a yoga class the other day and I loved what the instructor said about making New Year Resolutions. She started off saying that people usually make them and sadly not complete them (I sadly have to say that is me). Then she suggested to not make them to take life a day at a time not regretting what we do, but learning to help one self grow to be a better person. I had never thought about starting the New Year off that way. I usually try to make a plan to accomplish, but sadly not completing most of the tasks. So this is what I am going to do... I will be happier, less stressed. Taking it one day at a time and just just living and stop saying I can't do things with out trying first. I need to listen to what I myself tell my own students, "just try before giving up".

Things that were the most memorable in 2016:
  1. Ella was born!
  2. Swam a 1.2 mile swim in the Moody Gardens Bay for Ironman Galveston
  3. Christmas Cruise with the family #ortizholtkampfamily
  4. Changed jobs (switched districts)
  5. Meet Robert Schwartzman again lol :)
  6. Ran 22 miles (almost finished the Houston Marathon)
  7. Ran the Relay portion for the Ironman in Lubbock "Hispanic Don't Panic"
  8. Went on a few dates
  9. Bought a Guinea Pig for my classroom.
  10. Became an Aunt for the 2nd time! Ella :)

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