Christmas Cruise

Hi everyone! Is it just me or is this year passing by way too fast? In just a few days it will be March, UNBELIEVABLE! But getting back into this post I've been meaning to finish this awhile back and now it is completed. This was from my family trip taken during the Christmas Holiday Break. We went on a cruise for 7 days with the kids and we had a blast, we came back exhausted needing a vacation from our vacation. We traveled to Costa Maya, Cozumel, Cayman Islands, Jamaica and back. Below are literally just a few photos taken, because I took almost 1,000, which is crazy. The experience was one to learn from especially with kids (the do's and don'ts), what not to over pack, and things we want to do on the cruise that we didn't get to. If you are one that says a cruise is not for me, you should at least experience it once in your life. You might hear stories of the pros and cons, but I always say, "you will never know, unless you try it yourself". 
(photos taken by Nikon D40, underwater photos by GoPro and photos edited with Polarr Photo Editor)
Ella enjoying the Historic Trolly Tour around Jamaica
Ortiz/Holtkamp Ladies at Red Stripe Beach in Jamaica
Grandma and Ella waiting to go into the Butterfly Farm in Costa Maya, Mexico
These little guys were landing and catching a ride on everyone. (Costa Maya, Mexico)
 Chacchoben Maya Ruins Tour
 Jeep ride in Cozumel, Mexico
 Ella and her Cayman Island Pirate

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