Spring Forward into a New Season

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Happy 1st Day of Spring everyone!! Sadly my first day back at school from Spring Break, I say since it is technically spring time now that teachers and students should of been given two weeks off. I am sure there are other teachers out there that would agree with me. Anyways back to reality from my wishful thinking, I want to rave about a vitamin I started a couple months back called, " Ritual".
I want to say I came across it through an ad on Facebook, I clicked the link and read all about it. I am on my 3rd bottle and I feel amazing! I've tried so many other vitamins for women and I've reacted badly to all of them. They either have too much of some nutrients I do not need or I am missing nutrients that the vitamin doesn't provide. I loved how Ritual explains the vitamin and it was very easy to understand what the benefits were. I told myself I wouldn't know if my body would have a positive reaction to it if I didn't try it. It is a month by month subscription that is only $30 a month. It comes every month in this cute yellow box and a daily calendar to track it daily. It truly turns into a daily ritual! Love the costumer service. I received an email during my 1st month of taking the vitamin, asking personally how I was feeling. I also recently emailed them asking a question and received a response about an hour later, I say that is a pretty fast response that you usually don't get anywhere else. I recommend at least checking out the site and reading for yourself. Even if you are already taking a different vitamin it is at least worth a read!

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